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Suitcase Portable Power Stations
Customized Power Stations
Tolley Case Portable Power Stations
Solar Panels
Stacked Portable Power Stations
Energy Storage Product Components
High power | Large capacity | Low temperature resistance | Backable | Explosion proof and anti drop
Customizable power supply | Low temperature power supply | Special power supply | Emergency power supply
High power | Large capacity | Low temperature resistance | Military grade housing | Rainproof and dustproof
High conversion rate | Folding bracket | Multi angle adjustment
Split design with stackable capacity
BMS (customizable) | inverter | display module
Application Area
Low temperature environment, special equipment, medical equipment, emergency firefighting, exploration and mapping, home emergency, outdoor camping
-Low temperature environment at 40 ° C
Emergency firefighting
Outdoor Activities
About Realone
Realone Technology is a solution provider of integrated hardware and software in the energy field. Committed to help our customer to use energy in a safe, efficient and intelligent way through information   technology and smart energy management technology. In the next few decades, the new energy network built by clean energy and energy storage technology will replace the traditional energy system on a large scale. In the field of energy storage, we are successively launching a series of small and mediumsized portable power station products with excellent performance and unique functions for industrial applications. Including: Suitcase Portable Power Stations|Knapsack Portable Power Stations|Tolley case Portable Power Stations|Stacked Portable Power Stations|Company Introduction Hybrid power stations with larger capacity.
In the field of components, we can provide customers with a complete solution from a complete set of boards to discrete boards, including the main control unit, BMS unit, inverter unit, DC-DC fast charging unit, LCD display module, as well as supporting upper computer software and APP.
Realone Technology's products have been carefully designed, rigorously tested and verified, and the production and processing processes have strict quality control. Capable of meeting the demanding usage needs of customers.
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